Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going to the Temple

Camille went to the Dallas Temple for her endowments on Saturday, July 11.

Going to the temple with Camille for the first time was a very wonderful experience. She looked quite beautiful in her new white dress and being with her in that setting was such a joy. We were surprised at all the people who came to share the experience with her, since we unfortunately didn't manage to tell that many people beforehand (it was an open invite to any friends who could make it). Maren and Clint were there of course, her Aunt Julie, the temple prep teacher Sis. Pool and her husband, the Clines, Mary Cates, John Klien, Jacob Allen, the Palmers, the Boyles, her bishop from the singles ward and his wife, and Gary and Sue Sampson. Camille said she enjoyed everyone "making a fuss" over her and especially the feelings of peace within the temple.

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