Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear Famblee,
Emotionally draining day! As I suspected, I am not staying in Syracuse. The way we usually find out transfer news is that they give leadership calls (aka if you're training or if you are advancing as an elder) the night before, if not, you get them tuesday morning really early, then you have pday to pack. Well, sis Cline did not get a call last night, so that was a load off her mind. Then this morning, we waited and waited and did not get a call! We had zone study at 8 and finally we were told that we would hear transfer results there. They read them off, and I am going to be WHITEWASHING and opening a new area, pleasantview south in ogden! My companion will be sister martin, a way cool sister from Houston who is about halfway through her mission. I have been on exchanges with her before and I like her a lot, she's an amazing missionary. Why do I continue to be blessed with awesome comps? I don't know. In case you didn't know, whitewashing is when two new missionaries go into an area, neither one of us knowing anything about it! We are reopening the area, it has been closed for awhile. So it's a lot to figure out, but I bet it will be really fun and probably has quite the potential for the work! We will be going in there blind, but it's kind of exciting in a way. I have no idea what my new address is, or if we have a place to stay but i will let ya know when i get it.

After they announced my call, they asked Sister Cline if she wanted to share her news. Puzzled, she asked, "What news?" She will be training, and they didn't even call her!! needless to say, she about had a heart attack!! Poor sis Cline. So as I'm sure you can imagine, I have mixed feelings about it all. I feel better prepared for change than I did last transfer and I know that I'm really lucky to get Sis Martin and it's exciting to open a new area! But I love syracuse and will miss it dearly. I have had such an amazing fun transfer, and there is so many people and things from it that I will miss. It's my greenie area! I've never had any other area, house, or leaders. I love it, and I'M GOING TO MISS SISTER CLINE SO MUCH!!!!

I have to pack!! I have accumulated so much stuff it's redonk.

Love you all,
Sister Jordan

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dear Famblee,

BBBRRRR! SNOW!!!! I am not even kidding you. Snow in Oct. My jacket keeps me pretty warm though :)

Have I told you how much I love Sister Cline? She's amazing, pretty much the best friend companion lady ever. This tranfer has been the most challenging but absolutely my favorite so far. I think I am beginning to learn how to enjoy my mission. I have learned so much these past weeks, and sister Cline truly is like a sister to me. I am learning how to be myself and how to relax and have fun but still work hard and think more about those we are teaching. I can't believe I only have a couple weeks left in this transfer, I wish I could stay companions with Cline forever. I have a feeling that I will be leaving Syracuse though, but I feel a lot better prepared to accept whatever happens this time around.

That's cool that you went to cb [Cracker Barrell, where Camille used to work]. I love my cb peeps, and I actually REALLY miss waiting tables! that's exciting that some of them said they would write me. I wonder how all my old regulars are doing? We tracted into a cute old couple yesterday and it made me happy and reminded me of the old cb days.

Halloween is going to be fun, we are having a sister's activity/sleepover friday night. It's costume, and Sister Cline and I are planning/practicing an surprise dance performance, which I will video record. We will be dressed as missionaries from the 70's, and dancing to a little disco tune called "messengers of light" from a cd of the same title by lex de azervado. Brother mcGEE gave us the CD, it's a delightfully cheesy missionary ballads from the 70s. Listen to it if you can, you will crack up.

I love you all!
Sister Jordan

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dear fambleh,

Here I be again, with a bit more time to spare this week. Last week I was able to get a few cold-weather staples, including some leggings, a coat and gloves. I have the most important things (except boots) So my plan is just to slowly build up my winter wardrobe each week until I have enough to brave the crazy Utah winter! One week recently was freezing, but this past week has not been so bad.

Sister Cline is awesome! She's from PA like Schill, but she spent the last few years in Alaska and Hawaii. She is super laid back and goofy, very surfer-ish and tomboy. She doesn't take anything too seriously. She is a fun companion, and we work hard together because we are both pretty much new. I have learned more in this transfer so far than I have since I've been out, and I FEEL a lot more like a missionary. I have an easier time being bold and confident now, and I am growing in other ways.

She is a health nut so we were running every morning, but I sprained my foot stepping off a curb wrong (only me and my graceful self could do that) in the first week, so that put an end to that. My foot hurt pretty bad for a while, but it's getting a lot better. I got a blessing and saw a Dr and I don't have to have a cast or anything - it's just a light sprain.

We are teaching a lot and finding a lot of new investigators. We had a baptism a few weeks ago and it went awesome! She is such a sweet girl. Schill and I sang "What Heaven Sees in You," the same song I sung at Nina's wedding. We also hard a baptism this last Saturday, another little blonde angel. Her baptism was awesome, the spirit was very strong there. Sister Schilling tracted into her mom a couple months ago right before I got there. She was really receptive so we started teaching them both and it has really been an amazing journey for that little family. The mom totally turned her life around and started re-activating, the daughter had the lessons and was able to be baptized, and the mom is on the track to rebaptism. They were so grateful that they were found. The little girl bore her testimony on Sunday after she was confirmed (she's 9) and it was the sweetest, cutest thing I've ever heard! It went something like this: "I'm so glad the missionaries found us, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have the Holy Ghost right now!" And she burst into tears!

I am doing a lot better with directions, I have learned a lot, and we get around fine now. I even read a map once! I didn't go to conference, but we had a great time watching it at member's houses and stuffing our faces. I truly have developed a new sense of appreciation for conference. It's amazing!

Gotta Go!
Your sister missionary

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 1 w/ new comp

Hey! I got a ton of emails/snail mails today, and now I only have about 5 minutes to write you guys! Sorry! Don't worry, Sister Cline and I are doing well. She is awesome, really laid back and likes to have fun. We get lost a lot, but we just laugh. It is as many of you suspected, I am learning and growing a lot from this experience. It is hard, but it's kind of like we are in the same boat and we are learning together. But Sister Cline is awesome, and I'm doing just fine. I actually used a map the other day! My brow was furrowed with intense concentration and I thought I might explode, but I got from point A to point B! Exciting stuff. The GPS pretty much saves our lives, even though a lot of things in our area don't show up on it because they are so new!

I really appreciate the encouraging letters of support, they mean so much to me.
Well, my time is up! I love you guys!

Sister Jordan

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We had tranfer calls this morning, and Sister Schilling is leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Kline is coming to be in Syracuse with me, and she's been out 2 transfers ahead of me. I should have learned a lot more during this last transfer. We cover 18 wards, and I do not know where the area, stake or any ward boundaries are, I don't know who any of the auxiliaries are for which ward, I don't remember what streets we have already tracted, I don't know which of the ward mission leaders are in which ward, and I don't know where any of the people that we teach live. I am just going to have to develop a lot of faith. I do know that calls are inspired, that this is God's will concerning me and the area, and I will grow a lot from this experience and be able to do things because He will will give me the skills. Please pray A LOT for me!! Pray for miracles!!

I love you all. And don't worry about me, I'm sure everything will be fine, the Lord will provide a way.

Much love,
Sister Jordan

PS From Alaina: We got Camille's memory card from the camera in the mail, so now we have LOTS of pictures, which have been added to both slideshows on the right. We also got this video of Camille singing with her companion (who is now leaving), Sister Schilling.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picture from a member family

Dear Schilling and Jordan families,

Attached is the picture of Sister Schilling and Sister Jordan when they shared dinner with us on Friday. We really enjoyed their company. Both were so much fun and very sweet. You must be so very proud of your daughters.

Christy Frazier :O)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mail of the Week

BUT OH MY HEAVENS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! It was SO much fun to get new clothes, I can't even tell you, and they are both super cute and fit well, great job! I love the shirt, it makes me feel like Milly from 7 brides for 7 brothers when I wear it. And never fear, there is an iron in the apt.

I can't say enough how much all the mail, thought and love means to me. Heavenly Father is so mindful of me, he always lets me get my mail and packages when I really need them! And it always makes my spirits shoot sky-high.

So we have not been using the GPS because Sis. Schilling is the one driving and she knows her way around, but when that dark and terrible day cometh and I shall be forced to drive, I will be using it, doubt not. Thanks for the direction advice. So glad that you were able to go to Phylicia's pharewell, haha. I can't believe the time has come already! See if you can't procure her MTC address for me. She is going to be so great.

I got 3 out of 5 questions on the newlywed game. Some of them were pretty ridiculous! We didn't watch movies this time, but I heard the last time they watched "Errand of Angels." Pres and Sis Olson are pretty nice though, laid back and Sis. O is very motherly. They are both about
4 ft tall, in case you couldn't tell from the pictures.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Pictures, Yay!

We finally got some more pictures from Camille, mostly of the MTC and one picture with her current companion. Here is that one:

Here are the others from the MTC (I also put the these in a slideshow on the right, with the other ones we recieved from her mission president):

On the back of this last one she wrote "Me being silly inside the podium. MTC choir practice will do that to ya!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thank goodness, I don't have to drive. We have to wait at least 90 days
and there is always just one companion who is authorized to drive. I
hope I don't ever have to, I'm going to tell the car guy I don't want to
unless absolutely necesscary because UTAH IS SO CONFUSING!! Everyone says
it's so easy because it's on a "grid system," and "Follow the mountains!"
I have tried and tried, and it's still Greek to me. I don't know what
I'm going to do when I have to be the one who figures out area boundaries
and reads maps and finds addresses and chapels and auxiliaries.

But I'm still plugging along :) Last night we had a "sister's activity"
which was really fun. Once a transfer, all the sisters have a sleepover
at the Olson's House and Sis. Olson makes us lots of good food and we get
to play games and watch approved movies. They have a big room with lots
of bunkbeds where we all sleep, and we can stay up and sleep in as long
as we want. Last night we played the "newlywed game' with our
companions, that got pretty hilarjous.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Family,

Thanks for the account of the Baptism [Camille's Uncle Dave just got baptized back home], it sounded so wonderful..I'm sure that it has been such a blessing and a paradigm shift to witness this miracle firsthand. True conversion really is the most amazing and testimony-building thing to witness, as I've already come to discover. I see the differences in those we teach between those who really have that desire and deeply care and those to whom the gospel isn't really important. Let me tell you, the times when we teach someone who truly has that desire and we are able to witness the change of heart and conversion process makes everything worth it. It is in those moments when I truly feel that I know I why I am on this mission.

So I am finding out that missionary work in Utah is actually more like detective work. We spend the day going from house to house getting referrals, then going from house to house seeing what everybody knows about them and if they might be interested in the gospel, their life story, blood type, etc etc...It's really funny because everybody knows everything about everybody, and they are all anxious to help. We have color-coded maps of the neighborhoods that show who is active, inactive, nonmember. It makes me feel like the CIA or something, I swear. As you may have guessed, missionary work is very different in UT than other places. We also try to talk to EVERYONE we see, which is awesome because I get to meet a lot of totally cool and different people. I joke With Sis Schilling that I feel like we are on the SWAT team, because we will be driving down the road in our car and we will see someone, then we will drive a little farther, park and get out and rush over so we can go talk to them. We descend upon them like vultures, haha. It has been an interesting culture to become a part of.

So my favorite person that we are teaching is Zach. He is the boyfriend of Amanda, his less active pregnant fiance. They are both around our age. Zach is truly elect. He has amazing desire for truth and such faith. It has been such a priviledge to witness his conversion and see him take a courageous stand. He wants to be baptized, which means that he will have to overcome innumerable obstacles. So it's a lot to work through, but he has such faith and desire to do everything right 100%, which is every missionary's dream investigator. I thank God for him every night.

Sister Jordan

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

in da field

Dear Family,

So I can email everyone in the family. We email at the library, which also has a 30 min time limit, but i guess we can sign back in..grr, it muffs up the works. But today I still have to stick to 30 min because my comp is super sick.

We have a car, but we're not allowed to use it on pday, so we have to get rides from members and that throws a wrench in the works too. So my trainer is Sister Schilling and my first area is Syracuse!! I like both exceedingly well. I live in a ghetto lil apt (think motel 6) but it is fun to have a little place of our own as opposed to living with members. Though it was freezing in Provo, Syracuse is hotter than Hades, and there is no air con so we pull our mattresses into the living room where the swamp cooler is. I am getting a farmer's tan and a shoe tan. It's pretty gross. We have a car but we still tract a lot. We will usually just drive to a neighborhood and tract the streets and talk to everyone, even though most of them are members it is still good for us to be seen out and about so everyone will know there are sisters in the area and give us referrals!! Because that is how we get most of the work done around here. The members are great about missionary work and we have a dinner appointment every night. What we do when we are not teaching or tracting is go visit the auxiliaries and get them pumped about missionary work, which is no small feat because we cover 2 stakes and 18 wards! Whoa dang! I am really starting to despair that I will never remember the names of 18 bishops, young women's and primary presidents, etc etc etc...it's way wild, but everyone is super nice and helpful. Tracting, we meet a lot of members as I said but that is good because we can ask for referrals and service opportunities (or get a drink of water and score a snack). But we also meet a TON of inactives and nonmembers who are wary of the church. It is fun to see what everyone's beliefs are and to testify of what we know to be true. Sometimes people want to bash but Sis Schilling is really good at leading the conversation away from that. A lot of times when people don't want to listen to us we will ask if we can sing them a song, and we sing a couple verses of a hymn, and it bring the spirit so quickly! Sister Schilling has an amazing voice!! (she sings like a black girl, even though she is white. Think Quinn sisters) So I will just sing a soulful rendition of the melody, and Sister S. busts out some beautiful amazing harmony! Everyone loves it, and we are getting to be known as the singing sisters who walk the streets of Syracuse!! I love singing with her, it reminds me of being at home with Nina and the way that when I start singing, she always joins in with a harmony, and then we both start giggling. Sis. Schilling is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She is super laid back but we always work hard and have fun while we're at it. She is also waaaaay organized and good at planning down to the last second, which I
am bad at, but she is teaching me! There is so much stuff to remember, it takes a lot of faith to believe that someday I will know all that stuff and Sis S will leave me!! I really don't look forward to that day. But we are always busy visiting, teaching, (but not vistin teachin'), tracting, finding, etc etc etc. There is a lot of paper work that makes my head explode! We are teaching a few eople, we do a lot with part member and non member families. My time is actually about to run out, so I have to go, but I'll write some more in snail mail letters.

Love, me

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello everyone!

This is not a letter from Camille, but yesterday we received some pictures in an email from Sister Olson, the Mission President's wife. This is Camille with the group she came into the field with and all of their new companions. The one next to Camille (I assume) is her new companion, and one of the other sisters in the picture must be Sister Graves who was Camille's MTC companion, because I know they went to the same mission.

Camille looks excited and happy! But I will let you judge that for yourself:

Missionary jargon - the "mission field" refers to being out (of the MTC usually) into the mission area, to start doing the work. Usually a missionary has a "trainer" when they first get to the field, being a more experienced missionary who can help them learn, so Camille's trainer is the one in the picture.

Unfortunately, the name of her new companion, area, etc were not included in the letter so we are anxiously awaiting Camille's first letter from the field so we can hear all about it.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaving the MTC

This is my last day at the MTC!!! I should arrive at the mission home tuesday. I don't know what the mail situation will be for the next few weeks, but I doubt I will have time to snail mail peoples any more. I get so many letters, it's awesome, but then I feel bad that I don't have time to write them all back individually, ya know? I just try to include stuff in the group letter.

Funny stories: did i tell you I make lessons plans in my sleep? well I do. It both annoys and amuses my roomates. I will yell out scripture passages and explanations..Also, the other day at the RC [referral center], I saw a finger-sized hole in the desk, so i proceeded to stick all of my fingers in it one by one, they all fit delightfully well except my ring finger which got stuck, and wouldn't come out until 30 muinutes later with the help of my companion, hand sanitizer and lotion, my teacher, and 3 other missionaries as the entire RC looked on. It was really funny, but also mortifying...things like that seem to happen a lot to me.

Sister Jordan

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ay Yo

Like whoa! Thanks so much for the awesome packages and letters! I am the envy of my district, I get more stuff than anybody! Of course I always share :) but seriously the package was awesome, just like always! Me and sister Graves are tearin' that candy up. All the letters help so much, yall will never know how much. It's so uplifting to know that so many people care about me/are excited for me. You rock!!! All of ya!!!

Sooo my district......they're freaking sweet. Elder Peirce is our district leader, he's from Baltimore. Super funny-weird but very spiritual and a leader. Goofy, Napoleon Dynamite Elder Wilde from Shelley (going to Houston), Idaho. Shy but sweet, strong testimony and slightly mischeivous. Elder Clayton (Ogden) tries so hard to participate in everything, idr where he's from. Sister Hallet (also going to Ogden) is the mother-hen type, solid testimony, likes to serve others, dry sense
of humor. Sister Fuller (from UT, going to Houston) seems quiet and shy, but actually a well of strength, a strong teacher, and quite witty in a delightfully quirky way. My dear sister Graves (from CA) is a lot like me, but she's way more awesome! We giggle a lot, probably too much. She is so strong and in tune with the spirit, when we teach it pretty much rocks! We always have great unity and we are both very in tune when we teach. Cool story about that: We teach volunteers some of the time (with a prescribed scenario) and the other day we taught this family from
England with 3 beautiful little daughters. They were my favorites so far, such a special family, and the spirit was really strong as we taught them. The lesson flowed beautifully, and the parents were really emotional, esp. the dad. We knew there was something very special about that family, and we found out later that day that he is an area Seventy visiting from England! Way cool. But anyways, I am gonna miss my district so much! They are like a family to me, and I'm glad most of
them are going to Ogden.

Yeah, I saw Shane quite a few times! It was cool, and we got some pictures. I also have seen a lot of my friend sister (Melissalyn) Zentner from the singles ward, which was really fun as well. We got pictures too. It's so cool to see people you know here.

Oh yeah, Utah is freezing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MTC Adjustment

One thing I have definitely found out is that there is nary a spare second to be had in the MTC. I wake up at 6:30 and I don't see my room again until 9:30. During that time I have meetings, personal study, companion study, meetings, devotionals, service projects, a ton of class, like a couple 4 hour classes a day.

I have two teachers. Brother Williams I really like, he helps me a lot and is very gentle and encouraging and I feel I benefit a lot from his teaching. My other teacher Brother Melton is a bit more challenging. But it's ok, because he has been called to be a teacher here I know he is inspired and there must be something I have to learn from him.

So my companion Sister Graves is way awesome I love her to death!! We are so much alike. It really has been a blessing to have a companion like her...the mtc is pretty much the most spiritual environment I have ever been in, but it is definitely waaay hard and frustrating, and she has helped me so much.

The food is interesting, I definitely get a lot of rumblings in my tumblings but the good news is I eat a lot more fruits and veggies than I did at home because they are already fixed and all I have to do is grab them and put em on me tray. Also we get all the soda and dessert we want.

I don't mind being obedient, and I have already felt myself felt myself grow so much spiritually. I love this place and I love being Sister Jordan! There is so much more I want to tell you but I don't have time. Sorry I couldn't answer more questions or be funny...

Sister Jordan

PS: Use dear elder or my official mtc address - please write lots and lots!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

First Letter

Dear Famble-Bee,

Just a quick note to let you know that I arrived safely to the MTC! Aunt Shirley was so helpful and sweet to me, I don't know what I would have done without her.

The MTC is way awesome! So huge and structured but crazy-busy and / or confusing. There are always tons of elders rushing past and whizzing all about, I fear I shall be bowled over at any moment! Especially in the cafeteria. Well, I saw Shane and he seems to be doing very well! We had decided we were going to hug but wussed out at the last moment, haha! [Editor's note: Shane is Camille's cousin, also in the MTC right now. His mission will be Provo, UT]

I have 5 roommates, 2 of whom are in the Ogden Misssion, including my comp Sis. Groves. She is from Southern California and is so sweet! I am lucky to have her. We have a pretty small district, just 4 sisters and 3 elders. I was called to be the Coordinating Sister (kind of like RS president) in our branch, which consists of about 3 districts. I love my district already! They are awesome. The MTC is pretty much the best place ever. There is so much to learn and in all honesty, I have not had a spare second since I arrived and yet I am somehow always running late and falling behind. But I know that I will learn everything I need to if I continue to try my hardest and trust in the promises of my Heavenly Father. I love being Sister Jordan! Sorry I can't write more but I definitely have ZERO spare time so there ain't alot I can do about it! Love you all!

Sister Jordan : )

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Entering the MTC

Camille was set apart as a missionary by the Stake President on Monday, July 27th. Tuesday morning, after a long night of packing and preparations, she got on a plane for Utah! That night, Camille stayed with her Aunt Shirley who lives in Orem, Utah. Here is an excerpt of Aunt Shirley's letter about taking Camille to the MTC (Missionary Training Center):

Your little missionary made it safely to the MTC today. This morning we saw a Sister Missionary mall, so we had to stop there and check it out. She found a few things she needed, and it was fun to look around and make fun of some of the clothes. After that we had to rush to get home for her to get changed and her suitcases stuffed and closed, but she did a great job.

We managed to make it to the MTC with a few minutes to spare. As she drove in, she kept screaming, making me think I was running over someone, but it was just because she was so excited. [Editor's note - that sounds just like our Mimi!]

I thought I would have to drop her off on the doorstep like a baby at an orphanage, all alone, but this was not the case. It was like a parade/ carnival. As we drove in, they had cones and flags and missionaries and guides everywhere telling you where to turn and drive and so on. There was a whole passel of missionaries on the lawn whose only job seemed to be to wave to all the new people; like the princess that she is, Camille waved back with enthusiam. What a welcoming committee!

After we parked on the curb where they told us to, then a lady was there to give us a little card with Camille's MTC mailbox on it. Two missionaries were there to get her luggage out of the car, and they took pictures for us. Camille seemed happy and excited. It was a sweet experience. There were many other families there dropping their missionaries off. Here is the address:

Sister Camille Kelani Jordan
MTC Mailbox#159-0818
Utah Ogden Mission
2005 N. 900E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going to the Temple

Camille went to the Dallas Temple for her endowments on Saturday, July 11.

Going to the temple with Camille for the first time was a very wonderful experience. She looked quite beautiful in her new white dress and being with her in that setting was such a joy. We were surprised at all the people who came to share the experience with her, since we unfortunately didn't manage to tell that many people beforehand (it was an open invite to any friends who could make it). Maren and Clint were there of course, her Aunt Julie, the temple prep teacher Sis. Pool and her husband, the Clines, Mary Cates, John Klien, Jacob Allen, the Palmers, the Boyles, her bishop from the singles ward and his wife, and Gary and Sue Sampson. Camille said she enjoyed everyone "making a fuss" over her and especially the feelings of peace within the temple.