Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello everyone!

This is not a letter from Camille, but yesterday we received some pictures in an email from Sister Olson, the Mission President's wife. This is Camille with the group she came into the field with and all of their new companions. The one next to Camille (I assume) is her new companion, and one of the other sisters in the picture must be Sister Graves who was Camille's MTC companion, because I know they went to the same mission.

Camille looks excited and happy! But I will let you judge that for yourself:

Missionary jargon - the "mission field" refers to being out (of the MTC usually) into the mission area, to start doing the work. Usually a missionary has a "trainer" when they first get to the field, being a more experienced missionary who can help them learn, so Camille's trainer is the one in the picture.

Unfortunately, the name of her new companion, area, etc were not included in the letter so we are anxiously awaiting Camille's first letter from the field so we can hear all about it.


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