Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ay Yo

Like whoa! Thanks so much for the awesome packages and letters! I am the envy of my district, I get more stuff than anybody! Of course I always share :) but seriously the package was awesome, just like always! Me and sister Graves are tearin' that candy up. All the letters help so much, yall will never know how much. It's so uplifting to know that so many people care about me/are excited for me. You rock!!! All of ya!!!

Sooo my district......they're freaking sweet. Elder Peirce is our district leader, he's from Baltimore. Super funny-weird but very spiritual and a leader. Goofy, Napoleon Dynamite Elder Wilde from Shelley (going to Houston), Idaho. Shy but sweet, strong testimony and slightly mischeivous. Elder Clayton (Ogden) tries so hard to participate in everything, idr where he's from. Sister Hallet (also going to Ogden) is the mother-hen type, solid testimony, likes to serve others, dry sense
of humor. Sister Fuller (from UT, going to Houston) seems quiet and shy, but actually a well of strength, a strong teacher, and quite witty in a delightfully quirky way. My dear sister Graves (from CA) is a lot like me, but she's way more awesome! We giggle a lot, probably too much. She is so strong and in tune with the spirit, when we teach it pretty much rocks! We always have great unity and we are both very in tune when we teach. Cool story about that: We teach volunteers some of the time (with a prescribed scenario) and the other day we taught this family from
England with 3 beautiful little daughters. They were my favorites so far, such a special family, and the spirit was really strong as we taught them. The lesson flowed beautifully, and the parents were really emotional, esp. the dad. We knew there was something very special about that family, and we found out later that day that he is an area Seventy visiting from England! Way cool. But anyways, I am gonna miss my district so much! They are like a family to me, and I'm glad most of
them are going to Ogden.

Yeah, I saw Shane quite a few times! It was cool, and we got some pictures. I also have seen a lot of my friend sister (Melissalyn) Zentner from the singles ward, which was really fun as well. We got pictures too. It's so cool to see people you know here.

Oh yeah, Utah is freezing.

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