Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thank goodness, I don't have to drive. We have to wait at least 90 days
and there is always just one companion who is authorized to drive. I
hope I don't ever have to, I'm going to tell the car guy I don't want to
unless absolutely necesscary because UTAH IS SO CONFUSING!! Everyone says
it's so easy because it's on a "grid system," and "Follow the mountains!"
I have tried and tried, and it's still Greek to me. I don't know what
I'm going to do when I have to be the one who figures out area boundaries
and reads maps and finds addresses and chapels and auxiliaries.

But I'm still plugging along :) Last night we had a "sister's activity"
which was really fun. Once a transfer, all the sisters have a sleepover
at the Olson's House and Sis. Olson makes us lots of good food and we get
to play games and watch approved movies. They have a big room with lots
of bunkbeds where we all sleep, and we can stay up and sleep in as long
as we want. Last night we played the "newlywed game' with our
companions, that got pretty hilarjous.

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