Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Family,

Thanks for the account of the Baptism [Camille's Uncle Dave just got baptized back home], it sounded so wonderful..I'm sure that it has been such a blessing and a paradigm shift to witness this miracle firsthand. True conversion really is the most amazing and testimony-building thing to witness, as I've already come to discover. I see the differences in those we teach between those who really have that desire and deeply care and those to whom the gospel isn't really important. Let me tell you, the times when we teach someone who truly has that desire and we are able to witness the change of heart and conversion process makes everything worth it. It is in those moments when I truly feel that I know I why I am on this mission.

So I am finding out that missionary work in Utah is actually more like detective work. We spend the day going from house to house getting referrals, then going from house to house seeing what everybody knows about them and if they might be interested in the gospel, their life story, blood type, etc etc...It's really funny because everybody knows everything about everybody, and they are all anxious to help. We have color-coded maps of the neighborhoods that show who is active, inactive, nonmember. It makes me feel like the CIA or something, I swear. As you may have guessed, missionary work is very different in UT than other places. We also try to talk to EVERYONE we see, which is awesome because I get to meet a lot of totally cool and different people. I joke With Sis Schilling that I feel like we are on the SWAT team, because we will be driving down the road in our car and we will see someone, then we will drive a little farther, park and get out and rush over so we can go talk to them. We descend upon them like vultures, haha. It has been an interesting culture to become a part of.

So my favorite person that we are teaching is Zach. He is the boyfriend of Amanda, his less active pregnant fiance. They are both around our age. Zach is truly elect. He has amazing desire for truth and such faith. It has been such a priviledge to witness his conversion and see him take a courageous stand. He wants to be baptized, which means that he will have to overcome innumerable obstacles. So it's a lot to work through, but he has such faith and desire to do everything right 100%, which is every missionary's dream investigator. I thank God for him every night.

Sister Jordan

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