Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear Famblee,
Emotionally draining day! As I suspected, I am not staying in Syracuse. The way we usually find out transfer news is that they give leadership calls (aka if you're training or if you are advancing as an elder) the night before, if not, you get them tuesday morning really early, then you have pday to pack. Well, sis Cline did not get a call last night, so that was a load off her mind. Then this morning, we waited and waited and did not get a call! We had zone study at 8 and finally we were told that we would hear transfer results there. They read them off, and I am going to be WHITEWASHING and opening a new area, pleasantview south in ogden! My companion will be sister martin, a way cool sister from Houston who is about halfway through her mission. I have been on exchanges with her before and I like her a lot, she's an amazing missionary. Why do I continue to be blessed with awesome comps? I don't know. In case you didn't know, whitewashing is when two new missionaries go into an area, neither one of us knowing anything about it! We are reopening the area, it has been closed for awhile. So it's a lot to figure out, but I bet it will be really fun and probably has quite the potential for the work! We will be going in there blind, but it's kind of exciting in a way. I have no idea what my new address is, or if we have a place to stay but i will let ya know when i get it.

After they announced my call, they asked Sister Cline if she wanted to share her news. Puzzled, she asked, "What news?" She will be training, and they didn't even call her!! needless to say, she about had a heart attack!! Poor sis Cline. So as I'm sure you can imagine, I have mixed feelings about it all. I feel better prepared for change than I did last transfer and I know that I'm really lucky to get Sis Martin and it's exciting to open a new area! But I love syracuse and will miss it dearly. I have had such an amazing fun transfer, and there is so many people and things from it that I will miss. It's my greenie area! I've never had any other area, house, or leaders. I love it, and I'M GOING TO MISS SISTER CLINE SO MUCH!!!!

I have to pack!! I have accumulated so much stuff it's redonk.

Love you all,
Sister Jordan

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