Saturday, October 3, 2009


We had tranfer calls this morning, and Sister Schilling is leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Kline is coming to be in Syracuse with me, and she's been out 2 transfers ahead of me. I should have learned a lot more during this last transfer. We cover 18 wards, and I do not know where the area, stake or any ward boundaries are, I don't know who any of the auxiliaries are for which ward, I don't remember what streets we have already tracted, I don't know which of the ward mission leaders are in which ward, and I don't know where any of the people that we teach live. I am just going to have to develop a lot of faith. I do know that calls are inspired, that this is God's will concerning me and the area, and I will grow a lot from this experience and be able to do things because He will will give me the skills. Please pray A LOT for me!! Pray for miracles!!

I love you all. And don't worry about me, I'm sure everything will be fine, the Lord will provide a way.

Much love,
Sister Jordan

PS From Alaina: We got Camille's memory card from the camera in the mail, so now we have LOTS of pictures, which have been added to both slideshows on the right. We also got this video of Camille singing with her companion (who is now leaving), Sister Schilling.

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