Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snow and General Conference

Why oh why must it always snow?? Last night I was outside in a real, legitamite blizzard. Basically it consisted of horizontally flying snow/hail bits that ferociously whipped my face and eyes, made it impossible for me to walk in a straight line, and flew down my shirt. Feet of wretched snow piled up in a matter minutes. I'm ready for spring/summer! It's April, for the love of pete!!

So conference! Vunderbar! How was yall's conference/easter weekend! I love conference on the mission, there's really nothing like it. We pretty much can't WAIT to hear what these inspired servants of the Lord have to say, and we hang onto every word. It all means so much and breathes the life and fire into us that we need to carry on and try harder to be better. My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf's, Bednar, and of course Holland! he's so bold, I love it. My favorite funny line from his talk was when he was saying that all of us have unsavory thoughts occur to us, "but we don't have to invite them in for tea and crumpets! throw the rascals out! you shouldn't be serving tea anyway!" :) We watched the first sat session at a member's house with our district. We had strawberry crepes, mmm! And they gave us all sweet easter baskets. Very kind people. Then we went to another family for the afternoon session, a family who we LOVE. The mom is basically our gaurdian angel, we met her our first transfer here, and she always takes care of us. Every week she calls to check on us and ask what we need.

Things are still going well, but of course there is still stumbling blocks and sometimes things are not as exciting as they intially seem. A lot of our new gators have been cancelling appointments and not accepting baptismal dates. We haven't had anyone with a date since a baptism we had over a month ago, which is bad for Utah! BUT overall I still feel like things are on the upswing and going comparatively very well to what they have been previously. The Lord still blesses us with miracles every day, we just have to be positive and notice them so He can bless us with more! The Lord is teaching me patience and perseverance and that is is possible to have joy despite difficult trials.

Sister Jordan

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