Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Transferred to Ogden

Hey famblee,

How is it going? Well as for me and my house we are having a grand old time in Ogden!!! I have been here just shy of a week and I absolutely LOVE it!!! We are in a walking area! We cover 6 wards. Smallest area ever. But it is still a lot of ground to walk, so we are trying to get some bikes! But it is a lot of fun to walk around, you get to contact a lot of people. I have been really happy but totally exhausted at the end of every day.

Our apartment was nasty beyond nasty! we moved in after elders and it was DISGUSTING!! NEVER again. smelled like the dickens, with disturbing surprises around every nook and cranny including (but not limited to) plethoras of moldy food underneath every peice of furniture, candy bars with bites taken out of them strewn every which way, etc. The bedroom is a most attractive shade of blood red, and the shower is made out of stone like a lil lil mountain. Our house must be a million years old, it's bright blue with christmas lights :) pretty much ghetto fabulous.

Being comps with Cline is amazing!!!! I love it I love it i love it. It's like a party every day but we work really hard.

Well, I gotta go!
Sister J

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