Saturday, September 4, 2010


*Editor's Note: I apologize for not posting updates in here as often as Camille has been giving them to us. She has been in Ogden with Sister Cline this whole time, and having a lot of success in her work. She has had some health problems including thyroid problems, but she has been getting treatment and is doing fine now. Below is from her latest letter (last Tuesday).

So...I got a call last night..One of the APs is australian, and he says to me..."sistah jo-dan, the Lord has a new assignment for're going to be a mummy!" I'M TRAINING! Aaahh! I'm so excited. I really would have loved to stay with Cline, but was definitely my secret hope, but I didn't dare dream. I'm still bad at directions, that hasn't changed :) and I am sure that I will make many mistakes and often find myself not knowing what to do or say- but for some reason I feel really calm and peaceful about it. Her name is sister Grigor and she is from Canada. I need a TX flag asap! :) ever since I saw her picture I felt like I would train her. What I know about her so far: she is extremlely stylish, 5'11, chatty and confident. I am sad that sister Cline is leaving. We are so used to each other and all of our routines and the things that we do for each other I almost feel like we are breaking up a marriage lol. But I am really excited to stay in the area and to train.

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